BET DIGITAL ANNOUNCES THE RETURN OF ACCLAIMED MUSIC SERIES ‘Finding” FEATURING Murphy Lee, Youngbloodz, Lil Zane, Case, Nicole Wray & Chingy


SEASON 2 of the original series returns on BET’s YOUTUBE channel friday, august 16 with GRAMMY AWARD-winning ST.LOUIS RAPPER murphy lee 


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New York, NY. August X, 2018- BET’s original music series, “Finding,” based on the long-lost talents of the ‘90s and early 2000s industry scene is back! On the heels of a buzzy first season which featured Nivea, J-Kwon, Tweet and more, “Finding,” returns stronger than ever with a new roster of hit-makers prepared to peel back the layers of their rise to stardom and rewinding back to R&B and hip-hop’s prized era. “Finding,” which generated a total of 24M views and 90M minutes watched across our social platforms season 1, is one of BET’s most watched digital original of all time on YouTube with 53M minutes watched.* On the premiere episode streaming Friday, August 16, “FINDING,” sits down with St. Louis rapper and record label executive Murphy Lee.

In “FINDING: MURPHY LEE,” the St. Lunatics rapper reveals the untold story of life before and after his hit single "Wat Da Hook Gon Be," from his 2003 album Murphy’s Law, and chart topping records “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and “Air Force Ones” which peaked at number 1 and 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively. “FINDING: MURPHY LEE” premieres Friday, August 16 on BET’s YouTube channel and across BET’s Digital Platforms. Watch, share and post the Season 2 trailer of the season here:

Some revealing highlights from the special include:

Murphy Lee on signing his first music contract:
“When I was 15 years old, I signed my life away and didn't even know it. I didn't get my mother's permission. She said she was going to sign it with me. She didn't. It became a deadline. I signed it anyway.”

Murphy Lee on the St. Lunatics:
“Of course we [St. Lunatics] wanted to be the biggest thing walking. We knew that people was either going to love the hell out of us or they was going to hate us. They were going to be like, "What is that?" You know what I'm saying?”

Murphy Lee on Nelly:
“Nelly changed my life. He put himself on the line for us to do things. So I never would talk bad about him, and I'm spitting someone in the face for talking bad about him to this day.”

Additional highlights of BET Digital’s “FINDING” season 1 include “Finding: Nivea” which is the most watched Facebook BET Digital Original video of all time with nearly 21M minutes watched (100% organic), and Episode 2 of “Finding: J-Kwon” is the most watched YouTube Digital Original of all time with nearly 25M minutes watched (100% organic).* is your home for all the latest celebrity, music, fashion, entertainment and African-American news. Check out your favorite BET shows and watch video.

*Source: Facebook Insights, YouTube Analytics, Sprinklr (9.1.18 – 7.17.19)

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