Alyssa Goss

Plays "Pamela"

The exciting talent of Alyssa Goss was quickly discovered by the ABC Discovers program in 2016. From the program Alyssa Goss quickly started working and found herself in the BET Mini-series THE BOBBY BROWN STORY - the successful follow up the the groundbreaking mini-series THE NEW EDITION STORY.

Alyssa starred as the ethereal yet complex Alicia Etheridge (Bobby Brown’s current and long term wife) opposite Woody McClain who once again portrayed Bobbie Brown. Alyssa brought her talents to portray strength with heart and was singled out as a grounding performance.

Additionally, Alyssa eager to exercise her comedy skills, moved to the female lead in the MTV Productions HOW HIGH 2. In the fun and irreverent comedy Alyssa relished her ability to be a comedic artist while at the same time providing a grounded performance.


Jamie Owens
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