Baadja-Lyne Odums

Plays "Marva"

Baadja-Lyne's name is derived from the African "Baadja Ouba" which means at one with God who is King -- to whom she gives thanks to daily.

Baadja-Lyne's humble roots in Chicago's Cook County are where her dreams of acting began to take shape. She was often reminded that it was unrealistic for a young Black girl to even think of being an actor. Undeterred, she continued to watch the amazing stories on the tiny black and white television screen that transported her to other places. Against all odds, she knew she must somehow find a way to be in those stories. The unexpected request from her California aunt that she make the move to Los Angeles brought her passion for acting into sharp focus, as she found herself in the city to make her dreams a reality.

Baadja-Lyne Odums worked hard throughout the years to learn the art of acting and to hone her skills. Her faith in God coupled with unyielding determination and fueled by perseverance landed her numerous appearances on stage, in films and on television. In addition, her distinct voice has given her voiceover opportunities and her comedic abilities have been featured in multiple commercials.


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